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Pediatric Wellness Exams

Pediatric wellness exams are an essential part of a child’s healthcare routine, aimed at promoting their physical, emotional, and developmental well-being. Grassroots Healthcare in Tulsa, Oklahoma offers check-ups  that provide an opportunity to monitor a child’s growth and development, assess their overall health, and address any concerns or questions parents may have.

Tulsa pediatrician caring for infant

What is pediatric testing?

Pediatric testing refers to medical tests and procedures that are performed on infants, children, and adolescents to diagnose, monitor, and manage their health conditions. These tests may be similar to those performed on adults but may require special considerations due to the age, size, and developmental stage of the pediatric population.

The Grassroots team specializes in utilizing techniques, equipment, and expertise to obtain accurate and reliable results while minimizing potential risks to the child’s health and well-being.

Why are pediatric wellness exams important?

Pediatric wellness exams serve as a comprehensive approach to monitoring a child’s health and development. They typically include various components, such as a thorough physical examination to assess a child’s growth, vital signs, and overall health. Developmental assessments are conducted to evaluate a child’s cognitive, motor, language, and social skills, ensuring they are meeting appropriate milestones.

Grassroots pediatric wellness exams are proactive in nature, allowing for timely intervention and prevention of health issues from becoming more severe or chronic. These evaluations play a vital role in promoting a child’s well-being and supporting their healthy growth and development.

What is included in pediatric wellness exams?

Grassroots Healthcare is a full-service medical practice that provides pediatric wellness exams. Components of pediatric wellness exams include:

Physical Examinations

Grassroots Healthcare will complete a thorough physical examination to assess your child’s height, weight, and head circumference, Additionally, we complete a check of your child’s vital signs, such as heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate.

Developmental Assessments

Developmental assessments are crucial in evaluating a child’s developmental progress. The Grassroots team will assess your child’s cognitive, motor, language, and social skills, based on age-appropriate milestones. This may include observing their ability to crawl, walk, talk, interact with others, and perform age-appropriate tasks. Developmental assessments help identify any delays or concerns early on, which allows for timely interventions and support to optimize your child’s development.


Immunizations are a vital part of pediatric wellness exams which protect children against vaccine-preventable diseases. Grassroots Healthcare will review your child’s immunization records and administer vaccines according to the recommended schedule. Vaccines help build immunity and safeguard children from serious infections, reducing the risk of complications and promoting overall health.

To take care of you and your child’s wellness, call Grassroots Healthcare or schedule an appointment!

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