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Corporate Health

Helping your employees take care of their health reduces sick time and improves worker morale. The team at Grassroots Healthcare understands how expensive it can be to offer your employees health insurance and provides a corporate health program at her Tulsa, Oklahoma, office that you can offer to your employees. To learn more about corporate health, call the office today or schedule a consultation today.

What is corporate health?

Corporate health at Grassroots Healthcare is an affordable wellness program you can offer to your employees to help them stay on top of their health and prevent illness. The corporate health package is $50 a month for employees with no additional charge for office visits. If a participating member needs a blood test or lab work, Grassroots only charges for the cost of the test.

As a participant in the corporate health program, patients have direct cell phone access to Grassroots Healthcare for urgent medical care. If you need a procedure, procedures start at $25.00.

What are the benefits of corporate health?

You shouldn’t sacrifice access to health care due to the high costs. Grassroots Healthcare offers you and your employees an affordable alternative that may relieve some of the stress surrounding health insurance, deductibles, and care medical expenses.

Plus, providing your employees with access to quality health care may help:

  • Reduce sick time
  • Improve employee morale
  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease employee turnover

Access to an affordable health care program may also improve both professional and personal relationships for your employees by reducing stress levels at work and at home.

What can participants expect from the corporate health program?

Grassroots Healthcare takes a holistic approach to care, so you can expect excellent healthcare that focuses on whole-body wellness, not a symptom or an illness. Instead of prescribing medication, she looks for the underlying cause of your health issue to provide treatment aimed at the root of the problem so you not only get symptom relief but possibly a cure too.

Grassroots also utilizes nutritional supplements and hormones to help patients either reduce medication needs or discontinue use altogether, which also helps save on health care costs. She also helps her patients make better lifestyle choices to improve overall wellness, which may prevent future health issues and improve their quality of life.

For a corporate health program that’s affordable, thorough, and focused on wellness rather than sickness, call Grassroots Healthcare, or schedule a consultation using the online booking tool.

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Healthcare memberships for corporations and individuals empower members to make informed choices, avoid costly complications, and streamline their healthcare experience, resulting in cost savings and improved health outcomes.

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