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Back to School Physicals as Urgent Care: An Essential School Supply

Back to School Physicals Urgent Care
Back to School Physicals Urgent Care

This blog will cover the importance of back to school physicals and urgent care for the development of children.

This August, school children all across the United States will be returning to school. Younger kids may even be attending school for the very first time. As children embark on their path of education, it is vital that they have the necessary tools to be successful. We all know how important school supplies are. Clothing and shoes will be essential for the year also. However, more importantly, the health of a child plays a fundamental role in their educational development. Accordingly, a back to school physical can be critical to laying a solid foundation. There are several reasons parents and guardians should schedule a school physical for their children.

Assessing Child Development

One critical area covered in a physical for the little ones is child development. Making sure that a child is on track with their age is crucial to their path of learning. Children love to play. It is our duty to make sure they are healthy enough to participate in physical education. During a visit, doctors and nurses will assess a child’s height. Without doubt, children, just like adults, will have different heights. However, there are certain benchmarks each must reach in order to be considered age appropriate. The National Institute of Health states that the measurement of body parameters is remarkably useful in monitoring the growth of a child. Assessing height, weight and head circumference can assist in diagnosing malnutrition.

Weight is another factor that can be checked during a physical examination. Over the decades, obesity has been steadily increasing among American youth. The rate stood close to 5% in the 1970s. Today, that percentage has dramatically increased to nearly 20% according to the CDC. This isn’t as identifiable by sight as you may think. Therefore, parents should have their child examined by a medical professional. Obesity is linked to a number of adverse health conditions. As a result, it should definitely be addressed. Although less common in the U.S., being underweight can pose health problems also. A school physical can help diagnose both of these conditions. Once diagnosed, we can begin to develop a plan of treatment. 

In addition to physical development, mental development largely contributes to a child’s success in school. As kids pass from one grade to the next, the complexity of their studies increases. Ensuring that they are developing correctly to handle this change is a must. In a school physical, your children’s doctor will make sure that their comprehension is at an appropriate level. This not only impacts their readiness for the next year but also years to come. In fact, a person’s 10th grade reading level is highly correlated with their knowledge of the alphabet as a child.

An Ounce of Prevention

It is always great when we can treat any health condition. However, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We don’t always have to wait for something to go awry. That is why school physicals are so helpful. In an examination, doctors can spot problems before they arise. Your child’s pediatrician may have lab work conducted. These tests can identify nutritional deficiencies or other abnormalities. Preventing a sickness is obviously beneficial for the health of your child. It can have quite an impact on your child’s education too. The less a child is sick, the less school they will miss. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, chronic school absenteeism is related to poorer academic achievement for children.

Detecting Undiagnosed Conditions

Before the start of the new school year, children should have a checkup for an often overlooked reason. It’s possible that a child could have a condition that hasn’t been detected. According to data from the NIH, between 8% and 49% of adolescents with symptoms of asthma are undiagnosed. Also, the cause of a problem that he or she is having could be identified incorrectly. One example could be that a kid is having difficulty reading. What may seem related to comprehension could actually be a vision problem. This would be easily discovered during a checkup. 

Hi, I’m Dr. Melita Tate with Grassroots Healthcare. Hi, I’m Brooke Schaive,
a family nurse practitioner at Grassroots Healthcare. So, we’re talking to our patients today about sports physicals. It’s that time of year again, time to get your kids up here to get that last-minute sports physical done. This is a service we offer free to our members, but we do have some reminders for parents.

Please bring your forms if you can with you; we have them on-site, but we want you to have a quick, speedy process through here. We also need to review that form because there may be some things that come up in the history that you fill out, and we need to review and go over to make us more aware of what’s going on with your child.

There are usually two pieces to the sports physical: the part that we need to fill out and a form that we sign at the bottom. You need to check if your child has had some symptoms that would be more alarming. So, make sure you bring your sports physical form if you have one with you, and please fill out that front page.

We’re really excited to see your kids this year for sports physicals. Like I said,
it’s free for our members. If you’re not a member but you’ve been here before,
I think our sports physicals run $35. If you’re a new patient, I think it runs around $69. You can call Jane at the front office at 918-878-7733 to schedule your first visit. A sports physical is very important for any child participating in any extracurricular activities throughout the school year.

These sports physicals ensure that the child is safe enough to participate in
these activities. It’s a brief physical where we look you over from head to toe
quickly. We check your vision and ensure we go through the same order every time to avoid missing anything alarming that would put your child at risk.

It’s also good to bring your child in once a year to get them used to their family doctor. In case they come in next time and need their ear looked at, they’ll be more comfortable here, making them feel at ease. Some kids don’t see the doctor at all unless they come in for their sports physical.
So, we make sure that we go over some things that they may not be bringing up or addressing.

We want to ensure that, as a parent, any concerns you may have are addressed as well. We like to
ask if you’ve ever had any broken bones before, any birthmarks, and things like that that are concerning. Have you ever had a heart murmur, and if so, was it addressed and is it being monitored?

One of the benefits of coming to us for a sports physical is that we can establish care and build a working relationship with you. We are a family practice office at Grassroots Healthcare, and we get to care for you as long as you allow us to.
We can follow and monitor important aspects of a healthy life. So, that’s a great part of it too.

If you’re ready to get your sports physical, come see us at Grassroots Healthcare. Call Jane at 918-878-7733.

Early Treatment for Later Success

By taking back to school physicals and urgent care seriously, parents and educators can rest assured that they are proactively investing in the well-being of their children. Early detection of conditions through these examinations allows for timely intervention and appropriate referrals to specialists, ensuring that children receive the necessary medical attention they require. So, let’s approach back to school physicals as urgent care with a sense of responsibility and commitment to our children’s health – it’s a step towards a healthier and brighter future for them.

Moreover, these physical exams can serve as an essential gateway to specialized medical care. If a potential health concern is detected during the examination, healthcare providers can refer children to medical specialists for further evaluation and treatment. A detected health concern could lead from a back to school physical to urgent care if deemed necessary. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) supports this, stating that “early referrals to specialists can ensure that children receive the appropriate medical attention they need, increasing the likelihood of successful management of health conditions.” This way, any health issues can be promptly addressed by experts in the respective fields, providing children with the best possible care.

Less Stress

Even though it may seem like a totally separate issue, a child’s physical and mental health are interrelated. It’s imperative that kids feel comfortable with their doctors. The more comfortable they are, the less uneasiness they will feel during visits. Adults and children alike can deal with anxiety regarding doctors visits. This may be related to procedures or fearing bad news about their health. Regular visits can help patients and medical professionals build rapport with one another. As a result, children will be more relaxed and at home. Furthermore, a clean bill of health can dispel worries parents and children have. This is especially true in a post-pandemic world. The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) states, “Mentally healthy children are more successful in school and life.”

Additionally, the youth must have some rapport with their healthcare providers in order to share concerns and express themselves. We want there to be open dialogue between patients and providers for many reasons. Say a child is feeling unwell. Or, perhaps, they are experiencing pain or discomfort. Expressing this to their medical team will help see that they are treated properly and promptly. Trust is another major factor especially as they become older. The youth should be able to trust that information shared with their doctor will be kept confidential.

In Review of Back to School Physicals and Urgent Care

All in all, as we prepare for the back-to-school season, we must not forget the importance of back to school physicals and urgent care. Health is the building block for success in any realm and especially education. As children grow in age, examinations will ensure that their body and mind are developing well. Checkups can reduce school absences by providing preventive care. Lower absences lead to better educational outcomes. Detection of undiagnosed conditions will help children receive treatment they didn’t know they needed. If necessary, a doctor can make referrals to specialists who can better diagnose or provide treatment for any health issues. Lastly, our children deserve a clear mind when attending school. Back to school physicals and urgent care can provide peace of mind for children and parents alike. They can rest assured that their health is being cared for by someone familiar and trustworthy. Treating back to school physicals as urgent care brings amazing benefits to children. Start your child on a better path to health and education today!

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