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5 Advantages of a Functional Medicine Doctor Near Me

functional medicine doctor near me
functional medicine doctor near me

This blog tells patients about the 5 advantages of finding a functional medicine doctor near me.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a holistic approach to healthcare. In this approach, caregivers identify and address the root causes of conditions. Emphasis is placed on providing patients with treatment that will not only alleviate symptoms but examine the entire body as well. Doctors who practice functional medicine work differently. They consider the patient’s lifestyle and environment. Disease stems from a source. In functional medicine, healthcare professionals work their way back to that source. They look at a patient’s diet, activity levels and environment. These and much more are taken into account. When seeking a functional medicine doctor near me, here are some benefits you may receive.

Address Root Causes of Illness

One especially important advantage of functional medicine is that it addresses the origination of disease. On the other hand, conventional medicine tends to focus on symptoms. If you are having aches and pains, pain medication may be prescribed to you. This type of healthcare operates from the disease model. It mainly focuses on treating sick people without placing much attention on prevention. Conventional medicine uses treatment options such as drugs, surgery and radiation. A functional medicine doctor near me would have more treatment options to offer. According to the National Institute of Health, close to 90% of adult type 2 diabetes could be prevented through lifestyle changes. This rate is 80% for coronary artery disease. It is 70% for stroke. On top of that, the number is 70% for colon cancer.

According to the CDC, nearly 1 in 3 U.S. adults have prediabetes. That percentage equates to about 96 million Americans. Since prediabetes usually leads to type 2 diabetes, prevention during this stage is critical. Simply searching for a functional doctor near me could get those with prediabetes on that path. As stated earlier, the vast majority of type 2 diabetes among American adults may be preventable. Here are some of the methods for preventing it. They include a healthy diet. Moderating the consumption of alcohol is another way. Also, physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight play a role. Fortunately, functional medicine doctors use these approaches as treatment options. It should also be noted that diabetes leads to other poor health conditions. Blindness, high blood pressure and kidney failure can all result from this one disease. Therefore, working with a holistic doctor can help you avoid a number of negative health outcomes.

Environmental Impact on Health

Environmental factors are often overlooked when it comes to their impact on health. Scheduling an appointment with a functional medicine doctor near me could help. Your doctor will make sure there are no unturned stones. As medical knowledge has expanded, so has understanding of links between environment and wellbeing. The EPA states that certain pesticides can affect the nervous system. They can have bad effects on the skin and eyes too. Plus, they may negatively affect hormones or the endocrine system. Healthcare providers have ways to detect whether or not toxic exposure is creating harmful health problems. Occupational exposure is an avenue through which people can contract an illness. Exposure to toxins is dangerous. Asbestos, arsenic, aluminum production are among them. Cadmium and coal gasification fumes are also. These substances have been identified as carcinogenic. Issues such as these may not even be addressed through conventional treatment.

Receive Nutritional Guidance

A functional medicine doctor near me can offer comprehensive nutritional advice and guidance. Often, it goes beyond conventional medical approaches. These providers take into account an individual’s unique genetic makeup. They also look at lifestyle. Environmental factors are considered too. This helps them make personalized dietary recommendations. By jumping into the deep connections between nutrition and overall health, functional medicine doctors can identify underlying imbalances or sensitivities. Sometimes, they might be contributing to various health issues. This approach contrasts with traditional medicine. How? Focusing on preventive measures allows doctors to address the root causes of problems. This is much better than just managing symptoms. Working with a functional medicine doctor can empower patients to make informed choices. This applies to their eating style and more. This way, they can enhance their wellness in ways that extend beyond the scope of conventional medical practices.

A Holistic Approach to Sleep Aid

When it comes to addressing sleep issues, functional medicine doctors offer a holistic perspective. Their viewpoint separates them from most medical providers. Functional medicine doctors recognize that sleep disturbances may stem from a range of factors. Reasons may include hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies and stress. By doing thorough assessments and looking into a patient’s history, lifestyle, and environment, these doctors can uncover the many contributors to sleep problems. Rather than simply prescribing sleep aids, functional medicine doctors aim to restore the body’s natural sleep patterns. How is this done? They address underlying issues. This approach aligns with the patient-centered model. It provides more enduring solutions to sleep problems. In comparison, conventional treatments often solely focus on symptomatic relief.

Reducing Dependence on Conventional Treatments

Seeking a functional doctor near me is advisable for many reasons. These doctors prioritize understanding the interconnectedness of bodily systems and strive to identify the underlying causes of health issues. By doing so, they can formulate tailored treatment plans that encompass lifestyle modifications, nutritional adjustments, and targeted supplementation, which may ultimately lead to decreased reliance on prescription medications or invasive procedures. This contrasts with the often reactive approach of conventional medicine, which frequently relies on standard protocols. Relying on conventional medical treatments alone can lead to adverse side effects. These medications may fix one problem only to create another one. Collaborating with a functional medicine doctor empowers patients to actively participate in their health journey, with the goal of achieving sustainable well-being by addressing the root causes of their conditions.

Hi, I’m Dr. Melita Tate with Grassroots Healthcare, and we are a direct Primary Care Clinic that provides a functional medicine approach to the patients here in the greater Tulsa area. One of the things that functional medicine is, is a holistic approach to the patient. It’s a much more patient-centered concept where we take into account an individualized medical approach to the patient rather than just a cookie-cutter for what your disease symptoms seem to be.

The way that it differs from conventional medicine is that conventional medicine is a very symptom-oriented approach. One of the things that I used to have such a pet peeve about in conventional medicine was sometimes I’d go into the office, and my patients would have been told, “Now, Mrs. Jones, you can only tell the doctor two things today or three things today.” But what if I heard all of her symptoms, and I was able to make a diagnosis based on that, rather than just give her a prescription for each symptom that she had?

When you’re limited in time with your patient, sometimes that’s really all that you’re able to do, especially with having to push Insurance Dollars around all day. Functional medicine has become increasingly popular due to patient demand, and there’s even a board certification out for it now. So if you’re dealing with stresses like autoimmune disorders, chronic illness, things that you’re going to have for a lifetime, or things that you’ve been to a functional medicine doctor and you haven’t been able to get any answers for what’s going on, that is something that functional medicine can help with.

There are quite a few Tulsa Physicians who practice functional medicine, and we’re going to list some of my friends that do functional medicine. We also focus here at Grassroots Healthcare on functional medicine. We really try to get to the root cause and provide more of an individualized treatment for patients rather than just a symptom-focused approach. If that’s something that interests you, just reach out to us here at Grassroots Healthcare. You can reach us at 918-878-7733.

All in All

Looking at the whole picture of one’s well being can lead to better health outcomes. Functional medicine goes far beyond symptoms and symptom relief. Doctors practicing this type of medicine dig deep to discover where health issues originate. By doing this, they are able to uproot the source of health problems. This not only addresses the symptoms but can prevent future problems from arising. Factors such as environment can be very impactful on one’s well being. Receiving a checkup from a holistic healthcare provider can connect dots that may seem unrelated. There is mounting evidence that many disease afflicting Americans are avoidable. One major way this can be done is through dietary changes. Most patients receive little to no guidance about their eating styles from their medical doctor. Searching for a functional medicine doctor near me can offer some solutions. These doctors discuss diet when assessing their patients in addition to more conventional factors. Sleep plays a very important role in our lives as well. Without ample amounts, we cannot function properly. Insufficient sleep can lead to all sorts of medical disorders. Seek a holistic doctor who will not simply prescribe you sleep aids. Get to the root of your sleep problems for long term betterment. As a result, you will depend on drugs which can have many negative side effects. These medications tend to manage sickness as opposed to eliminating it. The next time you seek medical care, seek more holistic treatment. This can be done by simply searching for a functional medicine doctor near me.

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