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Your Guide to Athletic Physicals: Ensuring Your Child’s Safety for the School Year

athletic physicals near me
athletic physicals near me

This blog discuss what parents search for “athletic physicals near me” can expect from their visit.

What is an Athletic Physical?

An athletic physical is a comprehensive examination to assess a child’s health and fitness for participating in sports and other physical activities. It’s a crucial step in identifying if a child is at risk of injury or illness while engaging in strenuous activities. At Grassroots Healthcare, we offer athletic physicals to our members free of charge. For non-members, the cost is $35 if you’ve visited us before, and $69 for new patients.

The process of an athletic physical is not merely a formality; it’s a vital part of preventive healthcare. By evaluating a child’s overall health, medical history, and physical condition, we can detect potential problems that might interfere with their ability to participate in sports safely. This proactive approach helps in preventing injuries and ensuring that the child is physically capable of meeting the demands of the sport they wish to engage in.

What to Expect During an Athletic Physical

During an athletic physical, our healthcare professionals conduct a thorough examination from head to toe. This includes checking your child’s vision, heart health, joint flexibility, and overall physical condition. We also review your child’s medical history, looking for any signs that could indicate a health risk when they’re exerting themselves.

The athletic physical typically consists of two parts: the part we fill out and a form that we sign at the bottom. Parents are encouraged to bring their athletic physical form and fill out the front page. This helps us understand your child’s medical history, including previous injuries, chronic conditions, or any symptoms that could be alarming. By having this information beforehand, we can tailor the examination to your child’s specific needs, ensuring a more accurate and personalized assessment.

Parents are also encouraged to discuss any concerns or questions they may have during the appointment. Open communication allows us to address any specific issues and provide guidance on how to keep your child healthy and active throughout the school year.

The Importance of Athletic Physicals

Athletic physicals are not just a formality; they are a crucial part of ensuring your child’s safety during sports activities. They help identify any potential health issues that could be exacerbated by strenuous physical activity. This early detection can lead to timely intervention, reducing the risk of more serious problems down the line.

Moreover, annual visits for athletic physicals help familiarize your child with their healthcare provider, making them more comfortable during future visits. For some children, their athletic physical may be the only time they see a healthcare provider, so we use this opportunity to address any health concerns that may not have been brought up or addressed otherwise. This can include discussions about nutrition, exercise habits, sleep patterns, and other lifestyle factors that contribute to overall well-being.

The process also educates children and parents about the importance of physical fitness, proper training, and injury prevention. By understanding the body’s limitations and learning how to care for it properly, children are better equipped to engage in sports safely and enjoyably.

Building a Relationship with Your Healthcare Provider

At Grassroots Healthcare, we believe in building long-term relationships with our patients. Whether we’re conducting an athletic physical or providing routine care, we’re here to ensure a healthy life for your child. Our approach is not just about treating illnesses; it’s about fostering a partnership with families to promote overall health and well-being.

We ask about your child’s medical history, including any broken bones, concerning birthmarks, or heart murmurs. If we’ve met before and established care, we can monitor these things over time. This continuity of care allows us to track your child’s development and make informed decisions about their health.

If you’re new to Grassroots Healthcare, an athletic physical is a great starting point to build a relationship. We take the time to get to know you and your child, understanding your unique needs and preferences. This personalized approach helps us provide care that’s tailored to your family, ensuring a comfortable and trusting healthcare experience.

Schedule Your Child's Athletic Physical Today

If you’re searching for “athletic physicals near me,” look no further than Grassroots Healthcare. We’re ready to ensure your child is prepared for a healthy and active school year. Our experienced team of healthcare professionals is dedicated to providing comprehensive and compassionate care.

Call us at 918-878-7733 to book an appointment. We’re excited to see your kids this year and ensure they’re ready for a healthy and active school year! By choosing Grassroots Healthcare for your child’s athletic physical, you’re taking an essential step in safeguarding their health and well-being, both on and off the field.

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