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Visit Based Care

Office Visits Pricing
If you prefer visit based care we offer the follow services and discounted prices.

These prices are not applicable to members enrolled in our Direct Care Program.

Please Read - For New Patients - there is a one-time $20 setup fee in addition to the cost of your first office visit.

Level 1-Sports Physical


Level 2 - Simple (complaint specific, examples: strep throat, cough, rash)


Level 3-Complex (examples HTN, DMII, stable chronic illness, thyroid, follow up visits)


Level 4-Complicated (Hormone therapy, weight management, anxiety/depression, multiple conditions needing several resources, procedures)


office visits do not include tests such as lab/xray or procedures

Well Child Check +$20 for child's first visit

Under 1 year of age


1 to 4 years old


5 to 11 years old


12 to 17 years old


Full Physical - Includes lab: urine, blood count, liver, electrolytes, kidney functions, thyroid, cholesterol, prostate (men), PAP (women)

Physical with NO EKG


Physical with EKG


Procedures (cost of procedure + cost of $89 office visit)

Simple Laceration (all materials included)


Toenail Removal

$200+$100 per additional toe

Boil/Cyst Drainage (includes repeat packing)


Skin Lesion Removal

$200+ $100 per additional lesion

Joint Injection/Trigger point injection


IV therapy (dehydration)


Cryotherapy (wart removal) this includes 2 additional treatments if needed


Ear Flush

$15 per ear

Lab costs (Office visit + Lab draw fee + cost of the lab) Here are examples of common lab tests and their price

Lab draw fees


Wellness Panel (fasting) (CBC, CMP, TSH, cholesterol panel)


Blood count


Liver, kidney and electrolytes


















Pap smear


Cholesterol panel


Female hormone panel (Progesterone, Estradiol, Testosterone)




Throat culture


Urine culture


Wet prep (vaginally checking for yeast and trichomonas)


Uric acid


Gonorrhea & Chlamydia




Vit D


Vit B12


Testosterone Level (male)


Sed rate


C-reactive protein