Address: 10100 S. Mingo Rd, Tulsa, OK 74133

Hours: Mon-Fri: 8:30am – 5:00pm | Sat-Sun: Closed

Clinic Number: 918-878-7733

Primary Care

Primary care encompasses a wide range of healthcare services, including health promotion, disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic conditions, and coordination of care with specialists when needed. Grassroots emphasizes building trusted relationships between patients and our team of healthcare providers. Primary care plays a crucial role in maintaining the health and well-being of individuals and communities, serving as a vital component of the healthcare landscape.

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What is direct primary care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a healthcare model where patients pay a membership fee to their primary care physician or clinic for comprehensive primary care services without involving insurance companies. Grassroots Healthcare is a DPC in Tulsa, Oklahoma that focuses on a direct relationship between patients and primary care physicians, emphasizing personalized appointment times with detailed care. Grassroots aims to provide affordable and accessible care by eliminating insurance-based billing and reducing expenses.

Grassroots Healthcare specializes in direct primary healthcare and manages basic health needs through wellness exams. The Grassroots Healthcare team utilizes its skills to identify health issues based on your symptoms using specialized testing.

What are the benefits of direct primary care?

Why we don’t take insurance is simple. We want to pass the savings and lowered costs benefits directly back to our patients. 

Same Day Care

Because we reserve our time for a select few, there is no squeezing you in.  You are a priority, and you will feel like one.

Access for Medical Emergencies

You will have Grassroots Healthcare’s phone number.  Nights, weekends, and holidays.  Because urgent medical care doesn’t always fall during office hours.  You will have access to our team 24/7 for medical emergencies via televisit, email, and cell phone.

Extended Relaxed Visits

You won’t feel rushed through your appointments.  We want you to have a full understanding of your healthcare.


At Grassroots, we are not just interested in what’s wrong but want to amplify what is right.  We take an approach to healthcare that aims to get you well, and we MEAN it.  We want our patients off of medications, and on healthy, immune-boosting, age-defying nutrients. Whether that includes vitamins, dietary changes tailored to your DNA type, mineral supplements, or even hormonal support…we are all about it!

Women’s Health

We offer yearly pap and breast examinations, as well as specific hormonal testing and supplementation to help women achieve their best life, strong bones, youthful vitality, and most energetic minds.

Wholesale Labs

We offer labs at wholesale prices. Grassroots has always been known for having the lowest-priced labs in town, and now we have them even further discounted to pass these savings on to you.  We even offer some medications at wholesale prices.

Urgent Care

Seven plus years of urgent care experience serves well when stitching up wounds, minor broken bone care, and other urgent care needs. We believe if we save you even one urgent care or emergency room visit, the membership will pay for itself.

Insured Patients

We have wonderful specialists who understand our clinic model, and membership plans and can help you make the necessary changes to get the MOST coverage for your $. Please ask about our labs for members.

Here for you. All the time.

The Grassroots Healthcare team will see you today.

One of the beautiful things about our clinic is that we have plenty of time for our patients.  That has become even more true since we no longer take insurance.  It frees up our schedule so much.  This has allowed us to really focus on our members: their HEALTH, not just their sickness. To see if our clinic is right for you, call us today or fill out the form on our contact page! 

  • With the Direct Care Program, patients can reach someone from Grassroots Healthcare 24/7 for urgent healthcare needs.  Our patients pay a low monthly rate and have access to wholesale labs and medications as well as many free services. We are excited about getting you healthy and off medications when possible.  We honor the health and wellness lifestyle, and are committed to find natural ways to fuel your metabolism and keep you looking and feeling vibrant and youthful, your B.E.S.T.!
  • We do not accept insurance.  But don’t let that scare you.  Most of our patients actually save money with our direct care practice.  

Healthcare Membership

Healthcare memberships for corporations and individuals empower members to make informed choices, avoid costly complications, and streamline their healthcare experience, resulting in cost savings and improved health outcomes.

Grassroots Healthcare Services

Healthcare Membership

Healthcare memberships for corporations and individuals empower members to make informed choices, avoid costly complications, and streamline their healthcare experience, resulting in cost savings and improved health outcomes.

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